Hitman Review

Hitman has you take control of Agent 47.  The story is you are recruited and you start on a training mission.  The problem rears its head early on this map.  The problem you ask?  It is the fact that there are other missions and you want to keep playing one mission over and over.  Good damn problem to have right?  The game is actually broken up into a season, which concluded with mission 6.  The complete first season is about to be released on consoles.  I personally can't stop playing the intro mission in a cardboard yacht and Paris.

This game teaches you the ropes and then kicks you out like parents sending their snot nosed shits to college.  This was intemidating at first but then I just ended up getting a what if attitude.  I would find an item and go, what if I hit them with this soda can?  The targets are fun to take out different ways.  Not to mention the challenges the game has set for you.  For Christmas they put the Wet Bandits in here as a awesome call back to Home Alone.  It is little touches that make this game that gives you a lot of free reign immense fun.  That immense fun is the reason you should stop reading and just buy this now!