Another Period

      This is great show on Comedy Central. It’s about a rich but morally bankrupt family that really can’t think past the next five minutes. These people couldn’t do much worse if they just kill someone (which they kinda do). The brother and sister love each for real. They are fucking each other, both husbands are gay for each other, and mom is a drug addicted. Add money to and servants who are dumb as shit and you have one funny ass show for the whole family.

       This show has two seasons. I have only seen the first but I have good sources telling me the second doesn’t hold anything back. How can it with great comedians like Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome, and Michael Ian Black putting on amazing performances. It’s like the Kardashian’s in the 1850’s but they are actually entertaining and worth a damn. You can find this show on Comedy Central website and Hulu. If you need a pick-me up and want to feel better give it a shot.