Quick Clips

Need a dose of Fun Pun Gaming but are short on time? Check out these Quick Clips!

Late Night Gaming With Jake

Ever wish you could watch video games and have someone whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Well Jake has answered your prays! Welcome to Late Night Gaming With Jake.


This isn't your ordinary world. This is Super Mario World baby!

Peach needs help on her birthday and there are only two brothers fit for the job! US!

The bros try and break the internet....with robots!

Ned is dead and now the bros have help Colton take care of business in GUN.

The guys help a freak escape being killed because they are good people in Oddworld Munch's Oddysee.

Build and Destroy!!! Wade and Jake help the Marvel guys and gals save the universe in Lego Marvel Superheros.

The bros throw down for the crown in The Lion King for Game Boy!

Race for a sweet taste of those rocks. The bros sprint for the finish line in Mad Dash Racing.

These toys be demons! The bros dig through their toy box and try to play Toy Odyssey.

The bros blast off platforms in this one off!

WHERE ARE THEY!!? Wade and Jake are on your computer helping Batman take down the Joker. Can they become the night?

Robot bashing action with Wade and Jake.

Our mom told us we were she sent use to Professor X.  Nate and Wade try to stop Magneto with the help of X Men. This probably won't end well.

Fighting and beautiful women? Sign us up! Nate and Wade take a pleasant journey into the world of Senran Kagura. Stripe down and enjoy.

McFly HELLO!? Wade and Jake give Back To The Future a whirl!

HE'S BLUE! If he was green he would be Woodman. Wade and Jake take a shot at
 Mega Man 2. Bullets will fly and Wade will fail........a lot.

WE CAN'T SLOW DOWN! Jake and Wade are taking Sonic out for a crazy test drive in Sonic Advance. At least it's not Sonic Boom. 

Crazy ass Turtles try to fight robot, rhinos, pigs and shit man! Wade and Jake give a go at TMNT for the NES. Shredder and his goons think they can just kidnap April and get away with it? Not today man!

Eating fruit and busting in boxes! Wait that's not right? The bros take on the fun that known as Crash Bandicoot!

Wade and Jake are out for blood and stars in Mario Party 8!

Jake and Wade try and drum up some nostalgia but fail with Tiny Toons.

Time to use that turtle power! Whatever that is... Wade and Jake come out of their shells in TMNT Battle Nexus 2!

Everyone is fucked because we're Obi-Wan's only hope. The brothers try to channel the force in Star Wars Obi-Wan.

We about to save the world and do the worm as the bros take on the Sega classic Earthworm Jim.

We throwin' each other down to for crown! The bros are here to see who is the better gamer with a no holds bar game of Fusion Frenzy!

His name is Tails and he always bails... on Sonic. Jake takes down his favorite game for the 25 time as Wade tries to fuck with him. 

Time to take out the trash. The boys are going to help Vectorman get his groove back. Hope Wade and Jake aren't too lame for him. 

Some old school NES wrestling action with Wade and Jake!

I ain't scared of no ninjas! Wade and Jake try to master the shadows in with Ryu in Ninja Gaiden 2.

What happen to my car!!? The brothers try their best to take out some dinosaurs. Everyone do the T-Rex!

Floating balls never looked so cool.....wait what? Wade and Jake take on another crazy adventure with everyone's favorite orb based robot Vectorman. 

Crazy carnies battling it out! Wade and Jake go toe to toe in this versus!

You want to see our tiny tank? Jake and Wade go on the cutest little destructive terror you have ever seen in TRAX! There was only a small amount of property damage done. 

It's a blast from your past! Wade and Jake try to take on the Power Rangers toughest challenge yet. There is fighting and giant robots! What more do we need to tell you?!

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Fun Pun Gaming coming at you with the Maximum Carnage for the Sega Genesis. Watch as Wade and Jake get down and dirty in the streets of New York as Spider Man and Venom. BUCKLE UP! Shit is about to get bumpy.

Dope move activate! Wade and Jake a shot RoboCop for the NES.

Time for the most epic show down any children's game has ever seen!

THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE! Wade and Jake take down the Ooze with The Power Rangers.

We are not new to beat up on each other but this is the first time we do it in a video game format.

The Taylor Bros try to save the kingdom in Super Mario Bros 3!

The boys get down with some bats and crosses as they take on Van Helsing!

Do you know how to shred!? We try are best at it in Tony Hawk's Underground.

For Fordo!!! Wade and Jake head towards Mordor in Lord of the Rings Return of the King.

Bros are going in guns blazing bro. All the bros are here to save the others bros in Broforce!!!

Ninja jumping action with the Bros!

HOW WELL....CAN YOU SPELL!? Wade and Jake go head to head for the big bucks in Wheel of Fortune for the SNES. 

Things are about to get Cheesy. The bros go to the local 7-Eleven to chill with Chester Cheetah in Wild Wild Quest!

More X-men action coming your way!

Wade and Jake help out the Trojan man!

Crazy jungle action BITCH!!! The bros are about to party down with Mogli and boys in The Jungle Book for Sega.

Mystic Defender is a... rock in the rough. How far can Wade and Jake manage to get in this game?

Clash of slashing action! Can Wade and Jake finish the first level?

We will settle this in the RING! Nathan, Wade and Jake get between the ropes in WWF Wrestle Mania Arcade. Prepared to get pinned Bitch!!!

Get me my bat!!! Nathan and Wade are taking on the mean the street in Hotline Miami. This is going to be a bloody mess.

Any thing I can do, you can probably do better. Nathan and Wade tap into the magic that is Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City. Did you know Michael Jordan was a wizard? And we are not talking about the team yo!